Apple owns up to freezing iMacs

During the last few days, iMac users have been complaining on various forums about freezing issues with the latest generation of iMacs. Apparently, when affected by the bug in question, "the computer becomes unusable, requiring a hard reset in order to recover."¬†While a little lock up every now and again might be normal for users of Windows 95, it’s a fairly unusual occurrence in OS X (which is not to say that Apple’s platform is perfect–spinning beach ball of death, anyone?). For this reason, it seemed like there might be some sort of flaw with the glass and aluminum machines and sure enough, Apple has acknowledged that there is an issue. "A small number of iMac users have made us aware that a recent software update can sometimes cause their iMacs to freeze, requiring them to restart," a company spokesperson told MacWorld. "We are tracking down the root cause of this bug, and will issue a software update which corrects it as soon as we can–most likely later this month," the company spokesperson said.

For more on the issue:
– see this MacWorld article

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