Apple quietly upgrades notebooks

Just a few short weeks ago, Think Secret reported on a rumor that Apple’s MacBook line of portables would soon see a speed bump and upgrade to Intel’s latest, the Santa Rosa chipset. Looks like they were right on the money: without any fanfare, Apple has gone and upgraded all of the MacBooks to Santa Rosa, while also throwing in an integrated Intel GMA X3100 GPU and a few moderately faster chips. Meanwhile, the MacBook Pros got two new configurable options: a 2.6Ghz Core 2 Duo and a 250GB hard drive. Can we expect more incremental upgrades like these from Apple as we approach the holiday season? Not if the original Think Secret piece is right in every regard; the rumor site’s sources said not to “expect any other Mac hardware to see a revision before the holidays.” That’s bad news for folks waiting on a Penryn-based MacPro in time for Christmas. There’s always MacWorld in January, right?

For more on the upgrades:
– see this story from Mac Rumors 

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