Apple to hog top-bin Penryns?

With Intel’s 45nm Penryn CPUs set to make their debut next month, quite a few of us are excited to take the latest from Intel’s fabrication plants for a spin. If recent rumors offer any indication, however, the folks at Apple might be more excited than most. According to the Inquirer, 3.2Ghz X5482 Xeon-type and 3.33Ghz extreme desktop-type Penryn parts could be hard to come by this year, unless you’re planning on buying one as part of a new MacPro system. “Apple pretty much pre-booked all the amounts of top Penryn bins that could be booked for this year – especially the X548,” the Inquirer reports. “This excludes the minimum quantities for other big vendors so that they will be able to claim at least starting to ship their stuff.” What does this mean? Well, first off, it means that we can expect a new lineup of MacPros within the next two months, which will be blazingly fast and probably, shockingly expensive. It also means, however, that those top-bin Penryns will be in short supply, at least until Intel is able to increase yeild for the 45nm CPUs.

For more on the rumor:
– see this article from the Inquirer

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