Asus Eee PC reviewed… in Russian

If that $400 OLPC XO is looking a bit pricey for your tastes (even if $200 of that price goes to a good cause), you might want to look back in the direction of Asus’ $199 Eee PC. While there’s still no word yet on whether or not the company will make its September launch target (though it’s looking awfully unlikely at this point), the first reviews of the machine are starting to emerge… in Russian, that is. That’s right, Russia’s Daily Digital Digest got their hands on an Eee PC demo unit and while we weren’t able to glean much from the review without a working knowledge of Russian, we were able to spot some specs. Looks like the production version of the Eee sports a 900Mhz ULV Intel Celeron M processor, 512MB of DDR2 RAM, a seven-inch 800 x 480 display, built-in Ethernet, a 56k modem and 802.11b/g connectivity. In addition to the review, there are a number of photos of the unit to be had, so be sure to click through for the full scoop.

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