Asus to ship colorful $300 Eee PC

It looks like Taiwanese vendor Asus has managed to learn a number of things from contract employer Apple over the years: how to build an attractive laptop, how to design an intuitive UI, how to create a user-friendly machine. Looks like they might also have learned a thing or two from Apple about how to stay in the headlines–it seems like a day hasn’t gone by since the launch of the Eee PC that we haven’t reported on something pertaining to the tiny device. In keeping with that trend, I bring you the latest breaking news in the Eee PC saga: the Eee PC is going to be available in a handful of soothing pastel colors. Seriously, is that it? Well, yes and no. Seems that these Easter-hued machines won’t be the current $399 Eees on the market but rather, will take the form of a new $299 model, dubbed the “2G Surf,” set to debut in early 2008. So, if you fancy an Eee in “Lush Green,” “Sky Blue,” or “Blush Pink,” you’re going to have to settle for 2GB of storage, 256MB RAM and no webcam. As we mentioned yesterday, “Pure White” and “Galaxy Black” will both be available with current Eee models as well, so if you happen to be color blind, there’s no need to wait.

For more on the new Eee colors:
– see this Pocketables article

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