Asus Silent Knight II is unnecessarily large

Is this the most ridiculous heatsink ever produced? Why yes, yes it is. Say hello to Asus’s Silent Knight II CPU cooler. Why do you want this? Sure, you might tell folks that the SKII’s six copper tubes and 100 percent copper fins will help distribute heat away from your quad-core processor. Or you might claim to like the fact that the device’s PWM function automatically adjusts its fan speed based on the temperature of your CPU. But we know the real reason why you want this sucker sitting atop your quad-core pride-and-joy: you’ve managed to tart up every other component in your PC case with LEDs, clear plastic and other unnecessarily gaudy items. So this one’s for you, casemod fans. Just don’t stick this in one of those aquarium PCs–you wouldn’t want to have to scrape bits of goldfish out of those fans. 

For more on the Silent Knight II:
– see this article from Pysorg

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