BlackBerry 8320 gets official on T-Mobile

Last week, we reported on a rumor that the WiFi-equipped BlackBerry Curve 8320 was coming to T-Mobile with support for the carrier’s innovative Hotspot¬†@ Home service. Well, we’re happy to announce that T-Mobile has made it official: the 8320 is available now in two different colors ("titanium" and "pale gold")¬†for $249 with a two-year contract. How does the new Curve stack up when compared to BlackBerrys past? Engadget got some hands on time with the device and notes that "with WiFi added into the Curve’s already solid mix, it pretty much goes without saying that this is the best BlackBerry yet." Sounds like this one is a pretty solid bet for the suit, tie and WiFi set.

For more on the WiFi-equipped Curve:
– see this Engadget article

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