BlackBerry 9-series rumors surface

So, you’re the preeminent vendor of smartphones for the suit and tie set, with millions of businessmen at your beck and call. What do you do next? Why, develop a next-generation version of your flagship device, of course. Rumors are starting to surface that RIM’s 9-series BlackBerry line could show up as early as next year. Though nothing is confirmed yet, the usually reliable Boy Genius Report claims to have the scoop on the phone. If BGR is right, we can expect 3G HSDPA, an upgraded 600Mhz processor¬†(I still remember the days when a 600Mhz CPU was considered fast in a PC) and a built-in backup/restore function. BGR seems pretty jazzed up about this one, claiming that the 3G/600Mhz combo will allow for simultaneous voice and data, not to mention faster speeds when browsing the Internet and performing other basic tasks. BGR is guessing that we’ll see this one early next year, so keep your fingers crossed, BlackBerry fans.

For more on the rumored BlackBerry 9-series:
– see this report from the Boy Genius Report

Though it should go without saying, the BlackBerry pictured above is the 8820, not the 9-series

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