California school district orders Eee PCs

Still not convinced that Asus’ low-priced Eee PC is a direct competitor of the OLPC project’s XO laptop? Check this out: Fresno California’s Unified school district has ordered 1000 Eee PCs–that’s $650,000 worth–which will be distributed to students in 60 different classrooms. No, it’s not quite one laptop per child–these rugrats will have to share their laptops with other kids–but it’s still something. The idea is that kids will be able to use the machines to maintain a sort of online portfolio of their various projects while also using them to supplement textbooks in the classroom. Apparently, the school district spent a year looking for a laptop that wouldn’t take up too much room on a student’s desk before stumbling upon the 7″ Eee PC. Bullard High School student Chris Mitchell was quoted as saying “This is cool.” We’re inclined to agree. 

For more on the deployment:
– see this article from the Fresno Bee

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