Can AMD compete with Intel in the multi-core race?

A few years ago, AMD decided to challenge Intel head-on, using performance as the grounds for comparison. The move proved successful for the chip-maker and is certainly responsible for the company’s gains in the processor market during the past few years. However, now that the dual and quad-core race has begun, Intel is turning up the heat. Will AMD be able to compete? The company faces a transition to the 65nm process across its manufacturing lines, the integration of recently-acquired graphics company ATI and a shortage of fabrication plants. Meanwhile, Intel, with its much larger manufacturing capabilities, has completed the transition to 65nm for its Core 2 Duo products, which allows for greater efficiency and higher yields. Will AMD buyers face product shortages during the coming year?

For more on AMD’s bid to take on Intel:
– read this Ars Technica article

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