Dell adds Zing; re-entering audio player market?

Last week, we noted that Dell has started to act a little funny. Like a balding man on a midlife crisis tear, Dell has been making some pretty big acquisitions for a company with concerned shareholders. However, if last week’s ASAP Software purchase was the plasma TV, this is the Porsche: Dell has announced that it plans to buy Mountain View, CA-based Zing Systems for an undisclosed amount. Much like a Porsche, Zing–a provider of WiFi functionality for digital audio players–is of little practical use to an enterprise-focused company like Dell. That’s assuming, however, that Dell isn’t looking to get back into the digital audio player market, which is probably a safe assumption, considering that the company’s DAP lines never saw much success. The press release, on the other hand, hints at the possibility of future audio and entertainment products from Dell, citing “renewed interest and energy” in consumer markets and a commitment to “improving the entertainment experiences [that Dell] provides its customers.” Stay tuned.

For more on the acquisition:
– see this press release

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Dell to launch Zingspot and, an entertainment content portal.

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