Dell laptop rumors abound

Seems like Dell headquarters has gotten leakier than a screen door in a submarine lately–nary a week has gone by that we haven’t had some sort of Dell rumor to chew on. Continuing on with that trend, here comes some new info from French site Les Delliens, the same folks who leaked that first photo of the Latitude XT. Word on the street is that Dell is prepping an update to its Vostro SMB lineup, in the form of a new Vostro 1200 laptop. Though no specs were offered, a leaked image showed a machine that looks nearly identical to the existing Vostro 1000. Meanwhile, that 15″ Inspiron 1525/1526 laptop is now said to be launching in Europe on December 14th, though there’s no word yet on a U.S. release.

Speaking of that Latitude XT, where the heck is it? At this point, Dell’s first-ever tablet PC is looking like the worst-kept secret in the PC industry and there’s still no official word on when the thing will be released. The latest development is that Dell has posted the machine’s user manual in its entirety on their website in PDF format. Though the manual looks to confirm the specs that were leaked earlier, there’s not much new info to speak of, aside from the fact that a low-end Intel Core Solo version will be available. Still, if you feel yourself getting anxious, you might want to page through that manual, just to reassure yourself that this thing really exists. 

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