Dell laptops facing widespread shipping delays

From the looks of it, Dell is currently in the middle of a huge marketing push for its new lineup of Inspiron portablesThe company’s bold “Colors” ad campaign is all over TV and print ads are popping up everywhere in major American cities. So it’s probably frustrating for Dell–not to mention its customers–that the company can’t seem to ship those lappies out on time. You’ll probably remember that Dell’s svelte m1330 ultraportable saw some major shipping delays last month, much to the dismay of folks waiting weeks for their machine. As it turns out, whatever caused the m1330 delay was not an isolated issue: customers who ordered Inspiron 1420, 1520, and 1720 machines are now also reporting widespread delays. Apparently, the amount of time it takes to get a machine varies depending on the color of the machine’s lid–you can have a black Inspiron 1520 now but if you want a green one, you’ll have to wait 11 days. While these supply problems are likely a direct result of the popularity of the new machines, Dell is going to have to sort this one out quick–that “Colors” ad campaign doesn’t make much sense if the only color available is black.

For more on Dell’s shipping woes:
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