Dell Latitude XT getting multitouch

Dell’s shiny Latitude XT tablet PC has barely been official for 24 hours, yet we’re already hearing about features that Dell plans to add to the device in the future. As you may have noticed, the Latitude XT’s touch screen uses capacitive sensing technology–the same kind of tech used in the iPhone. So, where’s that multitouch technology that Michael Dell demoed at OpenWorld? The answer is, apparently, in the pipeline. Gizmodo called up Dell in an attempt to clear things up and was told that “XT buyers now (and in the future) will all have laptops capable of multi-touch input, thanks to that capacitive touchscreen, but the software and/or drivers needed to enable it won’t be released ‘until a later date.'” So there you have it folks: yet another feature to justify that $2500 price tag with.

For more on the XT’s multitouch:
– see this Gizmodo article

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