Dell to launch ‘iPhone killer’ in 2008?

Rumors of a Dell smartphone are nothing new–in fact, it seems like they surfaced as soon as the company discontinued their Axim line of PDAs. Still, we haven’t heard much about the mystery smartphone in months–and it was supposed to launch during Q4 2007. While Dell probably won’t be able to make that deadline at this point, it looks like a smartphone is still very much in the works, with Forbes stoking the rumor flames with a few new tidbits. According to Forbes, the phone “would likely include video, an MP3 player and Internet access and be unleashed on the world early next year.” Allegedly, the device is being developed in partnership with Taiwanese contract manufacturer Quanta and Dell’s smartphone team is being headed up by none other than Ron Garriques–one of the designers of the original Motorola RAZR. What’s more, Michael Dell says that the company could make another acquisition soon and Forbes suggests that both Asustek and Quanta are possible targets. Juicy scoops or unapologetic rumormongering? You decide.

For more on the rumors:
– see this Forbes piece

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