Dell shows off tablet, XPS One

Hold on to your hats, Dell fanboys. While the Round Rock, TX retailer might not be quite as good at keeping their top secret products under wraps as some other tech companies, that doesn’t mean that those products aren’t exciting just the same. Sure, we’ve seen photos and spec sheets for the Latitude XT tablet PC and the XPS One all-in-one consumer PC before but we’re still plenty pumped to see these two out in the open. At today’s Oracle OpenWorld conference, Dell CEO Michael Dell trotted out onstage with both machines, demoing them in front of a live audience for the first time. While the XPS One was about what we’ve been expecting, the Latitude XT had a few surprises up its sleeve. Looks like it packs some Multitouch-like functionality (you can draw on the screen with multiple fingers simultaneously) as well as some cool Microsoft Surface-like photo sorting features. What’s more, the little tablet is apparently the thinnest tablet PC available in the 12.1 inch market segment, which only makes it an even more attractive option for the tablet PC crowd.

For more on the new products:
– check out this Engadget article


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