Dual-core Intel Celerons due in January?

Remember those dual-core Celerons that Intel was scheduled to pump out sometime during the first quarter of 2008? If the Digitimes has it right, we could be seeing those budget-minded CPUs on January 20th, not too long after the rumored January 6th launch of the mobile Penryn lineup. The fist dual-core Celeron, the E1000, is set to run at 1.2Ghz, with a 800Mhz bus and 512K of cache. It’ll retail for $53 in quantities of 1000 or more.

But that’s not all, folks. According to the report, the 20th will also bring those Yorkfield and Wolfdale chips we’ve all been looking forward to. The second wave of 45nm chips will come in two varieties: the quad-core Yorkfield and the dual-core Wolfdale. The Yorkfields (QX9000-series) are said to range from 2.5 to 2.83Ghz while the Wolfdales (E8000-series) look to clock in at speeds from 2.66 to 3.16Ghz.

For more on Intel’s 2008 roadmap:
– see this Digitimes article

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