Eee PC gets unboxed, dissected

Well, that sure was quick. While we’ve come to expect our gadget unboxings and dissections delivered hot and fast, I don’t think that any of us expected this much dirt on the tiny Asus Eee PC to hit the web mere days after the thing became available from online retailer Newegg. First up, check out the video unboxing (link below). My thoughts? Dang, this sucker is small. I mean, sure, I knew it was going to be a sub-notebook but in the video you can clearly see that it’s barely larger than the size of your hand. Unboxing not enough to satiate your thirst for tiny laptops? TweakTown‘s got your back: the site managed to get their hands on an Eee PC and they promptly disassembled it, revealing a few interesting facts about the hardware. For example, it looks like the 4GB model uses four separate 1GB NAND flash models–ostensibly to save cash. Does this mean that you’ve got four possible storage expansion slots? Yes, though it remains to be seen whether or not the Eee will support any more than 8GB. Also, the previously unknown processors used in the Eee appear to be the Intel GMA 900 for graphics and a 900Mhz Celeron M CPU.

For more on the Eee PC:
– watch this video unboxing (via
– and see the dissection photos from TweakTown
and check out ZDnet’s photos of the Eee PC launch event

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