Eee PC: Mossy hates it, touchscreen soon

With all the fawning praise that we’ve been hearing for Asus’ Eee PC, it’s kind of refreshing to finally hear a voice of dissent. And leave it to Walt Mossberg to tear into something that he doesn’t like. In his in-depth review of the Eee PC, Mossberg gets down on the Eee’s cramped keyboard, small display and limited Linux OS. Ultimately, he concludes that the tiny PC “is likely to prove unsatisfying for many road warriors.”

Be that as it may, it’s not going to stop Asus from pumping out more Eees. We’ve already heard about the WiMAX Eee and the Eee with the larger display but a touchscreen Eee? Apparently it’s on the way, if you believe the Digitimes‘ sources. “The second-generation of Eee PCs will support panel sizes of 8-, 9- and 10-inch, the sources said, of which, the 9-inch panel versions will feature a touch panel.” Allegedly, the touchscreen would only add $15 to the manufacturing price of the Eee, though it remains to be seen how much this will add to the final price of the unit. 

For more on the Eee PC:
– watch Walt Mossberg’s video review (via All Things D)
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Mossy is old and his eyes are bad.
He has no clue about UMPCs and his cons regarding Linux are just showing us, that he did this review between the news and the weather forecast.

He should stay with Apple products!

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