Eee PC vs. the OLPC XO

Though they might be different machines with different target audiences, you can’t blame folks for wanting to compare the OLPC project’s XO and Asus’ Eee PC. After all, they’re both small, minimalist laptops that essentially retail in the States for $400 (though the XO’s actual value is only half of that). So let’s just get this over with: which machine reigns supreme? Laptop Magazine put both notebooks to the test and in their opinion, a clear winner emerged. Though the XO scored well for its design, durability and innovative approach to WiFi connectivity, it ultimately couldn’t compete with the Eee PC’s UI, bundled applications and performance. “Barring its unique form factor and mesh networking features, we wonder if the XO couldn’t have been better served by an operating system and programs more akin to the Eee PC 701,” Laptop writes.

For more on the two tiny laptops:
– see this article from Laptop Magazine

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