Femtocells make GSM signal your responsibility, not theirs

Our compadre Ben Frankel over at FierceWiFi has been talking about femtocells for a while now but we here at DailyTechRag refused to give into the hype, at least until we started seeing these things in the home (we’re skeptics like that, you see). So what exactly is a femtocell, pray tell? Well, it’s essentially a small device that sits in your home and boosts your GSM phone signal. Having once lived along Lake Michigan in Wisconsin where there was literally no signal (one ridiculous rumor that went around was that cell signals bounced off of the lake), I can attest to the fact that there is a market for such a device. To that end, the wizards at Ericsson have whipped up what they call “the Femto Cell Solution,” essentially a home wireless access point that’s capable of transmitting GSM, WCDMA, and WiFi. This little cancer machine signal booster should be available through network carriers later this year.

For more on Ericsson’s Femto Cell Solution:
– see this Engadget article

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