First Look: Adobe Media Player

A few days ago, we mentioned that Adobe is prepping Adobe Media Player, a new desktop application for online video streaming that is kind of like a video RSS reader watcher, an aggregator for downloadable content and a YouTube-style enabler for video all in one. The key term here is “ad supported,” as the Player will allow you to watch content for free, provided that you’re willing to sit through a few ads. How very 20th century of them. As you’ve probably already guessed, the app is based on Flash but the good news is that the quality seems much higher than what we’ve come to expect from streaming Flash video. The folks at Gizmodo got their hands on the application at NAB 2007, so head on over and check out their first impressions as well as some screenshots.

For more on Adobe Media Player:
– see this Gizmodo article

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How long until Google buys these folks?-fits nicely into their series of (“we are not competing with Microsoft”) products that would be made available directly from their new Data Centers-latency free which will be far superior to any other similar service that relies on our Best Effort Internet.


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