Free iPhone unlocker available

When the iPhoneSIMFree folks announced that they had successfully unlocked the iPhone for use on other GSM carriers, it was big news. The only problem: they decided to charge for their software, which immediately turned off a number of would-be hackers unwilling to pay for a piece of software that comes with no guarantee and no support. Enter the iPhone Dev Team. These folks have been working on a iPhone software unlock longer than just about anyone else and last night, they finally achieved the dream. If you’re not scared of getting your hands dirty with a little code, head on over to Gizmodo and download the source code. Otherwise, you might want to wait for a GUI app (which promises one-click unlocking), which should be available within the next day or so.

In other iPhone hacking news, Apple’s head of marketing, Greg Joswiak, told GearLog that Apple is not against hacking third party native applications onto the iPhone, per se. “Apple doesn’t oppose native application development…Rather, Apple takes a neutral stance – they’re not going to stop anyone from writing apps, and they’re not going to maliciously design software updates to break the native apps, but they’re not going to care if their software updates accidentally break the native apps either.”

For more on iPhone hacking:
– see this Gizmodo article on the software hack
– and this GearLog story on Joswiak’s comments

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