Fujitsu bets SSDs are the future of laptop storage

Speaking of storage, you’d think that if there was going to be one true evangelist for SSDs, it would be either Samsung or SanDisk/Toshiba. After all, those are the major players in what has become an all out solid state storage war. So this might surprise you: Fujitsu has announced that it will discontinue all of its 1.8-inch hard drives, in favor of SSDs. This is a surprising move, given that SSDs are an emerging market at best. Still, the company believes that there’s enough excitement surrounding the use of the drives in laptops that it warrants a gamble. “We want to see if the market tips toward flash, or if it stays with hard drives,” a spokesperson for the company said. If you’re still aching for a traditional, battery-sucking, high-capacity drive, don’t worry: Seagate, Toshiba and Samsung are still cranking them out. Fujitsu currently offers SSDs in a number of its portables.

For more on Fujitsu’s gamble:
– check out this Engadget article

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