Gateway One gets reviewed

Remember the Gateway One? How could you forget: the sleek all-in-one is easily the most striking PC design since…well, the new iMac. Yesterday, we reported on the machine’s unique design and innovative features but we left one question unanswered: how does it perform overall? The answer appears to be “not as good as you would hope it would.” Both Computer Shopper and CNET found that the machine fails to match the similarly-priced iMac‘s performance in tests, with the former characterizing the machine as being capable of only “Run-of-the-mill performance.” Still, the machine impressed Computer Shopper with its hardware design, most notably, the ease with which it can be upgraded. “Unlike Apple, Gateway doesn’t discourage you from opening the case to make upgrades. Just place the unit flat against the table (screen side down), flip two catches on the bottom of the unit, and lift off the rear of the case to upgrade the memory or add or change a hard drive.” Despite its flaws, both Computer Shopper and CNET saw fit to rate the machine a 7/10 or better, which makes it seem like the One is a solid bet for anyone looking for a simple, elegant desktop PC.

For more on the Gateway One:
– see this Computer Shopper review
– and this one from CNET

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