Gateway One PC gets real

Gateway’s been teasing us with this one for a while now so it’s nice to finally see Gateway’s "work of art" PC in the flesh. And what can I say? This thing is surprisingly sleek for a Gateway. That’s a 19-inch screen that you’re looking at, with a max 1400 x 900 resolution. You’ll also get a slot-loading DVD-RW drive, a 2Ghz Core 2 Duo, 3GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive and a Mobility Radeon HD 2600 on the high-end model. What’s more, this thing sports a number of really innovative features. First off, there’s only one cable coming off of the thing: the One’s powerbrick features an array of ports (USB, SPDIF, Optical audio, IR blaster, Ethernet), which means that you can stash all of your cables away under the desk while keeping your workspace clean. Unlike other all-in-one PCs (iMac, I’m looking in your direction), the One is also somewhat user-upgradable and allows for easy access to its memory and hard drives. Finally, the wireless mouse and keyboard come pre-paired with the computer, which means that even Grandma can get this thing up and running without much assistance (though you’ll probably have to help her lift it up so she can slip a doily underneath). All in all, this is looking like a pretty solid all-in-one, especially for Windows lovers with a case of Apple envy. The One goes on sale in late October, starting at $1299. 

For more on the One:
– check out Gizmodo‘s hands-on impressions

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