Gateway set to unveil all-in-one PC

Oh, Gateway, you’re such a tease. Just last week, the company let loose a few tidbits on a new PC that’s apparently so good looking, it belongs in an art gallery. At the time, the company revealed scant few details aside from the fact that they’ll be showing off whatever it is tomorrow morning at the Digital Life conference in New York. Thanks to a teaser website, we now have a few more cryptic details on the “Gateway One, the sleek all-in-one PC.” Visitors to are greeted by an image of an iMac-esque machine, covered with a black shroud. At the bottom of the screen, there’s a countdown–set to expire tomorrow morning. Will this be Gateway’s answer to the iMac? Looks like we’ll find out tomorrow.

For a peek at the Gateway One:
– visit

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