Google Android round-up

So, it’s been one day since Google announced their Open Handset Alliance and Android mobile platform. And, as expected, the news has sent shockwaves through the wireless and tech communities. Here are a few reactions, thoughts and other morsels to chew on while you wait for Google to reveal more info on the ad-based, free operating system:

  • “Qualcomm’s participation signals…that it is time for even the master walled gardener to embrace the open field. At least, that’s what I hope it means, because its presence means that a Verizon Android handset can’t be too far off.” –Gizmodo

  • “We don’t see this as a threat.” –Nokia

  • “Palm has always been committed to open platforms for developers. And Palm has the added differentiation of being able to tightly integrate the software platform with our hardware design, which we believe gives us an advantage in delivering a great user experience.” –Palm

  • “It really sounds that they are getting a whole bunch of people together to build a phone and that’s something we’ve been doing for five years…I don’t understand the impact that they are going to have.” –Scott Horn, Microsoft

  • “We have a great relationship with Google and this doesn’t change anything…They are certainly an important partner for iPhone.” –Natalie Kerris, Apple

  • “As more details emerge and more source code becomes available, it’s likely that third-party developers and handset makers will eagerly flock to Android in order to benefit from the ecosystem that Google is creating.” –Ars Technica

  • “There’s 10, 15, 20, maybe 25 different Linux platforms out there. It sometimes appears that Linux is fragmenting faster than it unifies.” –Nigel Clifford, CEO Symbian

  • “Unlike the platform itself, there’s no guarantee that devices based on the Android platform will be open to third party developers. Google says that’ll be left to manufacturers and carriers to be decide, although it doubts they’ll choose to lock them down (hmm, has Google ever worked with a carrier before?)” –Engadget
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