Google Maps app now on Windows Mobile

If you’re a Windows Mobile user who has stared jealously at devices like the iPhone and the Palm Centro for their built-in Google Maps, I’ve got good news for you: your day in the sun has finally come. Google has released a stand-alone, non-Java version of Google Maps for Windows Mobile and it’s available as a free download now. As you might expect, it features real-time traffic, favorites, GPS support, map and satellite imagery and contact lookup. Looks like it will eat up just under a meg of space, so head on over to Google’s site and get your download on.

For more on the mapplet:
– see Google’s mobile maps website

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Google Maps has been available for Windows Mobile as a stand-alone application for months — I’ve had it on my Motorola Q for several months, at least.

Also pocketnow ran a comparison between Microsoft’s Live Search and Google Maps on October 31 (before this latest release, I think). (See for details.)

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