Google mobile platform set to be announced

We’ve been hearing about the Google phone for so long now, it’s almost hard to muster up any excitement for the thing. Still, with the rumors having reached a fever pitch in recent weeks, it seems like something has to happen soon. If the Wall Street Journal is to be believed (and they usually are), Google is currently in talks with Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, according to “people familiar with the matter.” “Within two weeks, Google is expected to announce new software and services that handset makers could use to build customized Google-powered phones,” the Journal writes. Here’s the kicker, though: Google’s mobile software is allegedly totally open-source based and the Mountain View company plans to keep it that way, to allow for the third party development and customization that Linux invites. Would U.S. wireless carriers ever be able to swallow that pill? In the face of increased competition from the Apple/AT&T alliance, anything is possible.

The Google Phone cometh:
– watch this video (via the WSJ)
– and read the Wall Street Journal article

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