Hands on: Nokia N95 8GB

We’ve been hearing about the N95 for a while and now, we’ve even got a version of the Symbian-based phone that’s optimized for U.S. 3G networks. Still, the rest of the globe has got the sleek, black, 8GB version of the phone and if there was ever a reason to be jealous of Europeans, this is it. Let’s start with the display: it’s huge, looks fantastic and is really bright. This thing has some serious graphics processing power under the hood too, as you can see from that 3D soccer game above (our copy-editor/hand model Mike couldn’t stop playing it). It’s not all fun and games either, webpages look great on the screen, thanks in no small part to the webkit-based browser that we talked about on the N810. And this sucker is fast–browsing through the various menus is basically instantaneous. So what do you say, Nokia: can we have the 8GB N95 too?

For more on the 8GB N95:
– check out our slideshow

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