hField’s Wi-Fire extending WiFi to 1000 feet?

WiFi was never really designed to be a long-range solution–leave that to the 3G/4G networks and WiMAXes of the world. However, that simple fact hasn’t stopped folks from trying to extend the range of WiFi, using everything from signal repeaters to tin foil nets. The latest product to fall into this category, the Wi-Fire by hField Technologies, claims to extend your laptop’s WiFi range to 1000 feet. The little device attaches to the PC or Mac of your choice using USB and supposedly extends your computer’s reach to the nearest 802.11 b/g access point through the use of “a high gain directional antenna with an extremely strong and sensitive receiver.” While there’s no doubt the device extends the abilities of your laptop’s built-in antenna, 1000 feet sounds like a really optimistic estimate–under optimal conditions (open space, no interference), perhaps but in the real world? I’ll believe it when I see it.

For more on the magical device:
– see this story from NetworkWorld

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