HP iPaq lineup revealed

Well folks, what did we tell you? Sure, we may not have known the U.S. model numbers but it looks like we were right on the money with the leaked specs and photos of HP’s forthcoming iPaq lineup. The company made their official announcement today, so here’s the new info for America: the flagship device will be called the iPaq 900 Business Messenger, the QWERTY-less version of the 900 is the 600 Business Navigator, the two WiFi-only handsets are the iPaq 100 and 200 Series Enterprise handhelds and the GPS/PMP unit will be called the iPaq 300 Travel Companion. No word yet on pricing, though yesterday’s leaked pricing for the Swedish market should help give you some idea. All of the new iPaqs should ship before the year is out.

For more on the new iPaqs:
– see this Gizmodo article

For a closer look at the iPaq 600:
– watch this video

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