HTC’s Touch Dual gets demoed

While the original HTC Touch still has yet to make its way to our fair shores (soon, my friends, soon), the folks in Europe are already looking forward to the next version of the device. The Touch Dual, which we previewed yesterday, adds a slide-out 20-key QWERTY keypad to the mix while also shaving a few millimeters off of the device’s thickness. What else is new? As you might expect, the Touch’s UI sees a few changes to accommodate the new hardware. Upon sliding out the keypad, the device automatically provides you with a list of keyboard-centric options (create a new email, SMS, etc.). Other than that, however, it looks like the Touch Dual offers up a whole lot of the same–not to say that that’s a bad thing. And for the folks complaining about the European version’s lack of WiFi? Check out the web browsing over 3G in the video–it looks mighty snappy.

For more on the Touch Dual:
– watch this video demonstration

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