Intel at CES: tiny SSD, WiMAX

It’s CES time again and hoping to cut through the noise, Intel has decided to jump the gun with a pre-show press conference. Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

  • In January, the company will release what they’re calling “the smallest SSD in the industry.” Intel’s Z-P140 PATA SSD holds either 2GB or 4GB on a chip that’s about the same size as a penny. Holy cow!
  • Intel’s WiFi/WiMAX chip, code-named “Echo Park,” will be available in devices sometime next year.
  • The company will launch “Skulltrail,” a new dual-processor platform next year, making it easier to produce 8-core machines based on quad-core Core 2 Extreme CPUs.
  • The Centrino platform will get a much-needed boost with “Santa Rosa Refresh,” which will feature a new 45nm CPU and better integrated graphics. There will also be a Refresh for desktops, though details on that remain sketchy.

For more on Intel’s CES announcements:
– see this fact sheet (PDF link)

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I’m sure you’ve received many comments about this already, but Sony’s M2 rectangular memory card format will fit entirely within the “circle” of a penny, and Sandisk has 8GB versions available:

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