Intel launches quad-core Tigertons

Just what kind of name is “Tigerton” anyway? Makes me think of a “ton” of “tigers”. While I’m not quite sure whether or not Intel intended to plant that surreal image in my head, I am sure that this new line of quad-core Xeons will be blazing fast. The top-of-the-line X7350 clocks in at 2.93Ghz with 8MB of shared on-chip cache and a thermal design power rating (TDP) of 130 watts. There are also the 2.4Ghz E7340, the 2.13Ghz E7320, and the 1.6Ghz E7310, all of which have an 80 watt TDP and the 1.86Ghz L7345, which has a lower TDP of 50 watts. There’s also a pair of dual-core Tigertons to round out the pack: the 2.93Ghz E7220 and the 2.4Ghz E7210, both of which sport 8MB of shared on-chip cache and an 80 watt TDP rating. The new Tigertons retail for $856 to $2,301 per chip in 1,000-unit quantities and should be available to enterprises and OEMs as we speak.

For more on the new chips:
– see this InfoWorld article

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