Internet Explorer 7.0 is here!

Look out your window: pigs are flying, hell is freezing over and the kids on the street are jamming out to Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy. That’s right, Internet Explorer 7 is finally here! After years of waiting, IE users finally have industry-standard features like tabbed browsing, an antiphishing filter, a search bar and RSS support. IE might still be playing catch-up with the likes of Firefox, Opera and Safari when it comes to features–but it’s not like that’s ever stopped Microsoft from dominating the browser market. Given the nature of Microsoft software and the application testing requirements of most enterprises, most end-users won’t be reaping the benefits of IE7 for a while. If you’ve got those admin privileges though, put ’em to good use and take IE7 for a test drive.

To download Internet Explorer 7.0:
– visit Microsoft’s website

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