Intel shows off Menlow-based UMPCs

This time last year, we were hearing a lot of noise from Intel about UMPCs. Well, 2007 didn’t quite turn out to be the year of the UMPC but based on what we’re seeing, 2008 could be the year that the half-tablet, half-laptop portables finally start to look a little more appealing. Intel has been showing off quite a few concept devices based on its “Menlow” mobile Linux specification and we’ll be darned if they don’t look quite delectable. Engadget got their hands on UMPCs from Lenovo and Aigo that are both currently available in China and as the Menlow spec hinted, they appear to sport 3G, WiMAX and WiFi. It will probably be a while before we start seeing Menlow-based UMPCs here in the States but with WiMAX set to arrive this year, 2008 could be the year that such devices start to trickle into the marketplace.

For more on Menlow UMPCs:
– check out Engadget‘s hands-on videos
– and Gizmodo‘s photo spread

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