iPhone firmware 1.1.2 tomorrow

Look alive iPhone junkies: to celebrate the International release of the iPhone tomorrow, Apple plans to unleash the latest firmware, version 1.1.2, upon the world. What does that mean? Well, for most of us, it means that the iPhone will now support more languages and WiFi hotspots operated by The Cloud in the U.K. What does this mean for those of us with jailbroken or otherwise hacked iPhones? Well, it could mean that the 1.1.1 bricking saga is about to repeat itself. No official word yet, though given Apple’s stance on hacking, it seems likely that the latest firmware will re-lock devices that have been altered. No worries though: the hacking community will surely start working on a solution as soon as those phones get bricked.

For more on the firmware update:
– see this Pocket-lint article

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