iPhone gets down to business

If you’ve been lying in wait, hoping that AT&T would someday announce an enterprise plan for the iPhone, today is your lucky day. Yes friends, the time has finally come to bust out the company credit card: the iPhone corporate plans are now available on AT&T’s website. And as luck would have it, they seem every bit as reasonable as the consumer plans, as far as pricing is concerned. There are three plans ranging from $45 a month to $65 and all three include “unlimited” domestic data and visual voicemail. As with the consumer plan, you’ll have to sign a two year service agreement and you’ll have to upgrade to one of the more expensive plans if you want more than 200 SMS messages a month. You’ve also got the option of adding on international data plans, on top of your domestic data. The timing of this announcement is certainly interesting, especially considering that IBM and Apple are heavily rumored to be making a big enterprise iPhone announcement any day now…  

For more on the enterprise iPhone:
– see AT&T’s website

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