iPhone launches in France, gets unlocked

Liberté, égalité, fraternité: it’s the official motto of the French republic and it apparently extends to even that nation’s wireless industry. French carrier Orange has made good on its two promises with today’s iPhone launch–it’s offering an unlocked iPhone and it’s selling it for far cheaper than Germany’s T-Mobile. If you want a regular old iPhone in France, you’ll be plunking down €399 (just under $600 USD), with the usual service agreement. You can then choose to have your iPhone unlocked on the spot for €100 or you can wait six months, at which point Orange will happily unlock your device for free (though you’ll still be locked into that contract). Want a totally unlocked iPhone without a service agreement? That’ll be €649 for the device and €100 for the unlocking, bringing the grand total to €749 (just about $1105). While that’s not quite cheap, it’s still a better deal than T-Mobile’s €999 unlocked iPhone.

For more on the iPhone à la Française:
– see this MarketWatch article

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