iPod touch gets reviewed, release date

You’ve seen the iPod Classic get reviewed. You’ve seen the iPod Nano get dropped on bare pavement. But that’s not enough. No, you’re waiting for the big kahuna, the all-new iPod Touch. Well, unfortunately, you’re still going to have to wait a bit longer, though this might help make the wait a bit less painful: the iPod Touch will be released into the waiting hands of iPod fans worldwide on September 28th. [Update: Apple surprised iPod fans by shipping the Touch early: it should now be available in most stores. -Ed] Until then, check out PC Magazine‘s five star review of the device, which tells you basically everything you would want to know about the iPhone’s little brother. While the magazine had a few gripes, albeit predictable ones (the earbuds are no good, the Starbucks feature is lame and annoying), their overall impression seems more than favorable. "The touch is a thing of beauty," reviewer Tim Gideon breathlessly states. "This is probably the best portable media player ever made."

For the full skinny:
– check out a video review of the deviceĀ 
– and see this PC Magazine review

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