iPod Touch ships, gets unboxed

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Well, this sure comes as a surprise. Just yesterday we reported that Apple’s newly-announced iPod Touch would be available in stores on the 28th of this month. As if to make us look like a bunch of fools, Apple has started shipping out the devices early as iPod Touches started popping up in Apple Stores around the country last night. As you might expect, the device has already been unboxed, groped and fully tested by geeks of all stripes. Here’s some of the current Internet buzz:

  • The iTunes WiFi store is responsive and easy to use but does not feature any iTunes Plus (DRM-free) downloads.
  • The screen, while impressive, is not as high-quality as the one found on the iPhone.
  • The Touch is significantly thinner than the iPhone.
  • The Touch is a music-centric device, as evidenced by the ability to double-tap the home button to access the music controls at any time.

For more on the iPod Touch:
– check out this geeky video walkthrough
– this photo unboxing
– this Gizmodo report on the screen quality
– and this article on the WiFi music store

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