Lenovo gets greener, adds UWB to T61p ThinkPad

Boy, Lenovo just keeps pumping out these new ThinkPads, don’t they? The company’s Santa Rosa-based T61 might still be hot off the presses but that hasn’t stopped Lenovo from announcing its successor, the T61p. In addition to the already impressive specs that the T61 sports–Santa Rosa, magnesium alloy rollcage (photo), Intel Turbo Memory, 802.11n/WLAN support–the upgraded T61p adds Ultrawideband (UWB) support for next-gen wireless connectivity with peripherals (100Mbps compared to Bluetooth’s 2Mbps). What’s more, the T61p is Lenovo’s first laptop that comes Energy Star 4.0 certified–even though the EPA won’t debut version 4.0 of the green computing standard until the 20th of this month. Still not satisfied? Lenovo also announced that all of its X-, T- and R-series computers with Santa Rosa will now come Energy Star 4.0 certified as well. Rocking an older, Santa Rosa-based ThinkPad? Worry not: Lenovo will offer a download on its site that will bring those up to the 4.0 standard too. The ThinkPad T61p will be available July 17th, for a base price of $1,814.

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I just ordered this laptop, nothing on the market can be configured to the level you can for anywhere near the price of the lenovo. the only problem is the wait since some units can take upto three weeks to ship.

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