Libya buys 150,000 Classmate PCs

Just yesterday, we saw the OLPC project celebrating at the expense of their bitter rivals over at Intel, as the OLPC XO had just beaten out the Classmate PC for a 100,000 machine contract from Uruguay. So, the XO totally rules the school, right? Not so fast. Today, Intel and Microsoft announced that Libya has ordered 150,000 Classmate PCs running Windows XP–besting the OLPC folks by 50,000 machines. No word on how much Libya is ponying up for these, though we can only assume that it’s somewhere north of the XO’s $200 price tag. Intel also revealed that Nigeria was interested in purchasing Classmate PCs and might be ready to close a deal soon. OLPC project, it looks like you’ve got some catching up to do.

For the full story:
head on over to Engadget

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