MacBook hack finale redux

You’ll recall that the infamous WiFi MacBook hack saga ended with a whimper, not a bang. David Maynor, one of the men behind the infamous hack and now, the CTO at Errata Security, finally demonstrated the exploit publicly at the BlackHat event here in DC on Wednesday. In the demonstration, Maynor used a Toshiba laptop to push attack code to a MacBook running OS 10.4.6 over a WiFi connection; the MacBook crashed while scanning for a wireless network. Maynor said that he also plans to publicly release the code although that’s of little consequence now, as Apple has already patched the flaw–even though the company long denied its existence. “The vulnerability that was being exploited was now patched,” Maynor said. “Apple released some security patches to address stuff I actually pointed them to and they claimed had nothing to do with me.”

For more on the hack:
– see this CNET blog post

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