Make your own Hackintosh, no hacking required

Some of you might recall that we ran an article a few months ago that detailed how to build a fake Mac–or a “Hackintosh” as some are calling it–from commodity PC parts. Of course, quite a bit of command line hackery was required to get OS X up and running on non-Apple hardware and a few annoying issues–like having to keep your install CD in your drive in order to boot into OS X–made the method less than convenient. Well, it’s been a few months but it looks like the OSx86 project has managed to iron out a few of the flaws that were present in previous install methods while also making things a bit more user-friendly. According to Lifehacker, you can now install Leopard on an $800 PC without having to even open up the command line. What’s more, this method is said to be upgradeable, at least theoretically. For more info, be sure to hit up the full step-by-step guide over at Lifehacker.

For more on the $800 Hackintosh:
– see this Lifehacker article

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