Microsoft takes aim at JPEG with HD Photo format

In the world of personal computing, there are some technologies that are always on the move: processors, hard drives, displays. You probably wouldn’t use the same CPU for 15 years, much less the same display. There are, however, other technologies that we tend to take for granted, for example, the ubiquitous JPEG image format. The JPEG has been the web’s de facto image standard seemingly since the dawn of time but that may change, if Microsoft has its way. The company has submitted their HD Photo format to a yet unnamed standards body for ratification as a neutral standard. “Microsoft…intends to standardize the technology and will be submitting HD Photo to an appropriate standards organization shortly,” the company said in a statement released in advance of a full announcement planned for the Photo Marketing Association trade show in Las Vegas.

HD Photo, formerly known as Windows Media Photo, has been in the works at Microsoft for some time and the company continues to make improvements to the standard in an effort to woo partners into supporting the technology. Having HD Photo ratified as a standard is wise first step but as Microsoft surely knows, unseating a standard that’s so deeply entrenched across a wide variety of devices and platforms won’t be easy.

For more on Microsoft’s bid to replace the JPEG:
– see this ZDnet article

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