Microsoft: Vista more secure than Linux, Mac

Microsoft–like most tech companies–is known to toot its own horn from time to time. So it comes as no surprise to see yet another security study out of Redmond looking to debunk the idea that Windows Vista is insecure. Insecure? Far from it–Vista is the most secure major OS on the market, if you ask Microsoft. And how, you might ask, did they arrive at this conclusion? Well, it looks like they put together a handy little graph that compares the number of vulnerabilities found during the first year of release to the number of vulnerabilities fixed during that year, for four different operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, OS X 10.4, Ubuntu 6.06 and Red Hat RHEL4. According to the data, Vista had the fewest number of vulnerabilities and the highest ratio of vulnerabilities to fixes. In another chart, data is collected on the number of security updates, patches and weeks with at least one patch. And once again, Vista sweeps all three categories with the lowest score.

So what do you say, folks, is Vista the most secure OS around? If you ask me, despite all the charts and graphs, this is all still pretty subjective. After all, the vulnerabilities and fixes are boiled down to raw numbers without any comment on the nature of the vulnerabilities, whether or not an exploit was actually produced and circulated, the amount of time elapsed between the discovery of a vulnerability and the patch, etc. What do you think, readers, does Vista deserve all the kudos? Let us know in the comments.

For the full scoop:
– see Microsoft security strategy director Jeff Jones’ blog entry

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This has got to be the biggest joke I have read in quite a while. In the really real world we all live in, I simply don’t understand how Microsoft can make a statement like that. Vulnerabilities or not, their software is easily the most hacked. I’ve been using and administering Mac (OSX & OS9), Linux, and Windows in small to large companies for over ten years and have -BY FAR- had the most issues with the Microsoft PCs and servers being comprimised. Not to bash Microsoft, but this such a bunch of bologna.

DEFINITELY … Vista is more secure!!! I have Vista Ultimate on my new laptop … this OS “snags” phishers/spammers/”spys”/cookies … and any questionable link/photo/etc. I know it can be a bit of a pain, however after having to “trash” one desktop and one laptop primarily because folks don’t have “e-mail manners” and my business cards are everywhere … I rather enjoy the extra clicks!

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