Mossberg gives Gateway One thumbs-down

Old Walt Mossberg has taken Gateway’s forthcoming all-in-one One PC for a test drive and has posted a video and written review, as he is wont to do. The verdict? Not so good, folks. “I can’t recommend the Gateway over the iMac,” Mossy writes. “It offers smaller screens and lower resolution–huge factors in an all-in-one machine –for prices that can exceed the iMac’s.” Additionally, Mossberg took issue with the One’s slow start-up and shut-down, lack of a built-in webcam, noise output, crapware-filled hard drive and reliability (it crashed twice during a few days of testing, including one BSOD). “The Gateway One may appeal to style-conscious Windows users, but I think the iMac remains the best consumer desktop on the market.”

For more on Mossberg’s thoughts on the One:
– watch the video review
– and read the full review at the Wall Street Journal

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